Samsung Develops Thin CRT TV

Samsung Develops Thin CRT TV

Samsung has announced a new 32 inch CRT TV (cathode ray tube… you know, the big TVs we used to have before LCDs came along 🙂

The big selling point is that is is “only” 15 inches thick (compared to 20 to 25 inches for regular CRT TVs).

Maybe I will be mistaken and this will be a big seller but I doubt it: if you can afford to pay extra for a Thin CRT then why not pay a little more and get a 3 or 4 inch thick LCD TV?

LCD TVs are coming down in price and going up in screen size and quality, and in the next two years they will push plasma out of the market. The only decision I have to make is to replace my aging back projection TV with a 37 inch LCD or wait until 45 inch or larger comes down in price.

(via designtechnica)