XM Radio Delphi MyFi Portable

XM Radio Delphi MyFi Portable

Cnet has a preview of the Delphi MyFi portable XM radio player:

“Delphi’s MyFi is the first personal satellite-radio receiver to offer a truly portable, Walkman-style form factor. The MyFi lets you listen to all of XM’s more than 130 digital stations anywhere you can see the sky. It will be available in December for a list price of $350.”

(more from Cnet)

“If the $350 list price doesn’t scare you, don’t forget that you’ll need to continue your $10-per-month XM subscription to make the MyFi more than a paperweight. And though you’ll be able to listen to such XM exclusives as Major League Baseball broadcasts, don’t expect to hear Sirius-only fare such as Howard Stern (in 2006) or the NFL.”

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