MSI GX600X laptop reviewed

MSI GX600X laptop reviewed

TweakTown has reviewed the MSI GX600X laptop.

Here’s what they thought:

“If they had one without the logos and glossy finish, and instead a simple matt black coating understating the products true power, then I would have no qualms in stepping out and buying it today.

Putting my tastes aside, I have to consider the target market and what the product aims to deliver. In all aspects I find it extremely well rounded, lacking in nothing and delivering on all of its promises. The only very slight niggle I have is the sound quality which sounds a bit tinny and flat, and which could be better in a product of this class.

We have decided to give it the Best Performance award because of the amazing overclocking ability, as well as being a feature packed product at an affordable price. Well done MSI.”

(full review at tweaktown)