Lenovo Ideapad U110 reviewed


Engadget has posted their full review of the Lenovo Ideapad U110.

Here’s what they thought:

“So, did Lenovo hit a home run with the IdeaPad U110? All things considered, we might have to say no. Granted, that’s based primarily on the dreadful keyboard and slightly underpowered feel. You just can’t make an ultraportable that’s tough to type on — this class of machine, more than any other, requires the quality of the keys to be top-shelf. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to adapt to the annoyingly slick coating, and we found ourselves frustrated by the inability to type for even short periods of time without accidentally inputting characters that we didn’t intend to.

That being said, the U110 is otherwise still a solid machine. If the keys felt half as good as the trackpad, we’d feel totally different about the entire thing. Additionally, the absurdly glossy display doesn’t help matters, as it’s next to impossible to avoid seeing those ever-present reflections. We really dig the design and overall build quality, but at $1,899 (or $1,999 for the 3GB RAM model), it’s a stretch to recommend it without qualifications. If you really, really like what you’re seeing, we would suggest finding one and giving those keys a go on your own; for those not bothered by the coating, it’s entirely more inviting.”

(full review at engadget)