TivoToGo Launched

TivoToGo launched

Tivo has finally launched their TivoToGo service which will either get them a bunch of new customers or will get them sued into oblivion (I’m hoping for the new customer option not the suing).

They specifically got the FCC to approve this so I hope they will be ok.

TivoToGo sounds like a great service, if your Tivo is networked you can copy programs from it to another PC on your network (you need special software on that PC, programs can be shared with a maximum of 10 PCs, and TV stations “may restrict or limit the ability to record, display, view or transfer any particular program using a variety of copy protection mechanisms”.)

If it lets me transfer shows to my laptop and watch them while I’m traveling I will be happy.

If you have a series 2 Tivo you can get on the priority list for the service upgrade at http://research.tivo.com/tivotogo/

(TivoToGo via PVRBlog)

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