Samsung Q30 Ultra-Portable Reviewed

Samsung Q30 Ultra-Portable Reviewed

TrustedReviews has reviewed the very nice Q30 ultra-portable laptop from Samsung, and one good part of the review is that they compare it to the Sony Vaio X505.

At the end of the day the Q30 isn’t as small or light as the X505 but it is still very small and light, and the Q30 wins over the X505 as it can do a lot more: built-in Wi-Fi, D-SUB, Ethernet, and memory card reader.

The Q30 performed well and would be a good choice for someone who travels a lot and needs to travel light, just don’t expect it to be able to play games (except for solitaire or minesweeper which is all I ever see people playing on planes).

Full Review at TrustedReviews

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