Sharp Aquos 45″ LCD TV

sharp aquos 45 inch lcd tv widescreen

The Sharp Aquos 45″ LCD TV is now available in stores. I saw this in Hong Kong and the picture quality is amazing!

It is the largest LCD TV currently available and the only one to deliver a 1080p progressive image (1920 x 1080 pixel resolution).

The Sharp Aquas 45 inch LCD Television features a built-in tuner for HDTV reception, so you can enjoy high-resolution over-the-air broadcasts. It also is compatible with the newest Digital Cable Ready requirements. Consumers can simply connect this LCD television to a cable output and discard the old-school outboard box.

Onecall will be one of the first site to have these in stock at $8,999: click here to see if they have it yet

If $9k is a little much, Onecall has the almost as massive 37″ Aquos LCD TV on sale at $3397.56 including delivery (price expires 8/5)