Rio Forge 128mb-512mb MP3 Player

rio forge 512mb MP3 player

At the same time as Rio announced the Carbon iPod competitor they announced a range of new flash drive based MP3 players with 128mb, 256mb, and 512mb capacity.

These are designed for sporty people, looking like a stopwatch and offering lap timer and stopwatch features as well as just playing music.

Battery life is 20 hours, they connect via USB 2.0, and they can be expanded with SD/MMC cards (which are coming down in price, 512mb SD can be found for $50-60 after rebates).

One thing I’m not sure of: with only a $50 price difference between the 512mb Forge and the 5GB Carbon (20 times the storage) I have to wonder how many of these they are going to sell.

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