$500 Mac Rumors

ThinkSecret says that Apple’s bombshell announcement at this years MacWorld Expo show is going to be a tiny iMac that doesn’t come with a monitor, is under 2″ tall, and costs less than $500.

Specs of the new Mac (codenamed Q88) are said to be a 1.25GHz processor, DVI/VGA video output, CD/DVD combo drive, 40GB+ hard drive, 256MB RAM, USB 2.0, and 10/100 ethernet.

I wouldn’t suggest anyone get this as their main computer but if you want an inexpensive second PC and want to see how a Mac works this could be a good buy.

We may get one of these just to use to use in reviews of products that support both mac and PC and to see how our web sites look on a mac.

ThinkSecret Exclusive