Life is a Beach!

relaxing on the beach

There will be no posts to from September 3rd to 13th as my wife and I are away on vacation putting lots of great gadgets to the test. (This is our first long vacation with no work in 2 years, so no computers, no cell phones, just portable gadgets, sun, and margaritas.)

Continue reading to see photos of what we will be reviewing the week we return……

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We will review:

Ultra Products X-Connect 500W PSU

The Ultra Products X-Connect 500W PSU, with a how-to guide on how to upgrade your computer’s power supply.

Dell 2001fp 20 inch LCD monitor

The Dell 2001fp 20″ LCD Monitor – the photo above shows the amazing difference in brightness between this screen and the earlier Dell 2000fp 20″ monitor.

We are taking the following with us and will review:

Altec Lansing InMotion speakers

The Altec Lansing InMotion speaker solution for the iPod and iPod mini.

Slappa Case

A Slappa CD case.

Piel Frama Axim Case

The Piel Frama Tan Leather case for Dell Axim X3/X30 with extended battery.

Vaja Axim Case

The Vaja Black Classic Leather case for Dell Axim X3/X30 with standard battery.

Shure E3c earphones

A set of Shure E3c earphones that we will be using with our iPod mini and comparing to the regular mini earphones and a set of Bose ComfortQuiet headphones.

Roadwired Pod

and we will carry all these gadgets around in a Roadwired Pod with over 20 little compartments for batteries, flash cards, chargers, etc.

Here is our packing list:

* Roadwired Pod
* Canon S400 with 512mb CompactFlash Card, 3 batteries, and AC charger
* Dell Axim X30 High Pocket PC with 512mb SD card (loaded with games and ebooks), 2 regular batteries, mugen extended battery, and AC charger
* Apple iPod mini loaded with 4gb of music and audio books, earphones, and belt clip
* Altec Lansing InMotion speaker system with AC charger (also charges the iPod mini)
* Bose QuietComfort noise supressing headphones with spare batteries
* Shure E3c earphones in carrying case with spare covers
* Piel Frama case for the Axim with extended battery attached
* Vaja case for the Axim with regular battery
* Sony Z1 laptop for watching DVDs and responding to emergency work phone calls
* Slappa CD case full of DVDs to watch
* hat, shades, and headache pills for the inevitable daily margarita hangovers