LaCie 1.6 terabyte external USB/Firewire drive

LaCie 1.6 terabyte external USB/Firewire drive

While we are on the subject of external 1.6 terabyte USB/Firewire drives, here’s the lowdown on the LaCie offering.

Available now from Amazon for $2,019 is the “LaCie 1.6TB Bigger disk Extreme FW400 and FW800 7,200rpm, 8MB d2 (300773)” drive, whose name was obviously thought up by an engineer not a marketer.

The LaCie drive isn’t all nice and aluminum-ey like the IO Data drive, but it seems to be about a third the weight and almost $1000 less.

One thing though, for 2 grand they should at least have given it an Ethernet port.

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