New Site:

vga pocket pc information news and reviews

We have just launched a new sister site to ShinyPlastic, and it’s called

With 6 VGA resolution Pocket PCs either launched or coming in the next 3 months, and with lots of new details on the Dell Axim X50 showing up every day, we thought it was time for a web site that focuses solely on the VGA resolution pocket pcs.

Highlights of the new site include links to lots of reviews, a detailed profile of each VGA Pocket PC, and a great comparison of all 6 VGA Pocket PCs.

Want to know which VGA Pocket PC is built like a brick?, which one syncs via the faster USB 2.0 instead of the usual USB 1.1?, which one doesn’t have 802.11b Wi-Fi?, and which one has the 4mbps IrDA 1.3 infrared compared to the almost 40 times slower IrDA 1.2 of other pocket pcs?….. then read the comparison and check out the rest of to find out.