Dell Axim X50 Rear View

dell axim x50 pocket pc rear view fcc

The picture yesterday of the Dell Axim X50 pocket pc is definately a fake: the shape is nothing like a photo of the rear of the device that has shown up on FCC docs.

Most of the details on the Axim X50 are being held under a confidentiality request until 9/24 but there is some info in the FCC docs:

1100mAh removable battery with 2200mAh battery available (expect our friends at Mugen to have an even more powerful battery out soon for these).

At least 2 versions (we expect 3):

One Axim X50 with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a 3.7″ 640 x 480 screen, 624MHz processor, and 128mb or 64mb RAM.

Another Axim X50 with Bluetooth only, a 3.5″ 240 x 320 screen, 520MHz processor, and 64mb RAM.

We expect the third Axim X50 (not mentioned in the FCC docs as it doesn’t have wireless) to have a 3.5″ 240 x 320 screen, 520MHz processor (or slower processor), and 64mb RAM.

All 3 versions are expected to have both CompactFlash and SD memory card slots.

(via Brighthand)