Philips Outlet Deals

philips outlet sale free shipping

Philips has an outlet store where you can get discontinued and/or refurbished products massively discounted. They also offer free UPS shipping on most orders.

Some current (7/1) deals include:

  • 60in Digital Widescreen HDTV Monitor $1899.99 ($900 off)
  • 55in Digital Widescreen HDTV Monitor $1699.99 ($800 off)
  • 5 disc Super Audio CD DVD Player $189.99 ($90 off)
  • 6 Channel Dolby DTS DVD Player $95.00 ($304.99 off)
  • Lots of Progressive Scan DVD Players $49.00-$60.00 ($20-30 off)
  • Progressive Scan Dolby Digital DVD Recorder $229.00 ($221 off)
  • 300w Digital Home Cinema Package, 5 speakers, receiver, DVD, MP3, $129.00
  • Pronto Pro Home Theater Control Panel $539.00 ($411 off)

Click here for the outlet store

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