Western Digital Velociraptor reviewed


Extreme tech has reviewed the 300GB Western Digital Velociraptor that is really a 2.5″ drive wrapped in a massive heat sink and asked “Can a 2.5-inch drive really outperform a high density, 3.5-inch drive?”.

Here’s the answer:

“Overall performance is quite good, while write performance is particularly excellent–and likely to be better than most (but not all) solid state drives. However, even at $299, it’s still vastly less expensive than solid state drives of much lower capacity. Given its substantial performance advantage over 7,200RPM drives, we’ll no doubt see these arriving in most enthusiast-class systems and lower-end workstations. For those users, performance trumps capacity for the system drive. After all, you can always add a big 7,200RPM drive (or array) as a secondary drive, if you need capacity.”

(more at extremetech)


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