Dell XPS 730 H2C review

Dell XPS 730 H2C review

It looks like everyone got a Dell XPS 730 H1C to review recently. We can’t tell if CNET or PC Magazine were the first to get their review posted so we will link you to both.

CNET says: “Dell’s updated flagship gaming desktop incorporates the latest hardware from Intel, Nvidia, and AMD into a system that delivers some very impressive gaming scores. We’d give it a higher recommendation if it wasn’t so expensive compared with systems from the competition.”

PC Magazine says: “At this price level, however, only high-end gamers with deep pockets need apply (though the XPS 730 H2C is actually a little less expensive than its predecessors). It yielded some of the better gaming performance I’ve seen lately, but for the time being you’re really buying a system with future-proofing built in.”

(reviews at cnet, and pcmag)

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